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the International Day of the Disabled Persons 2020

From today (December 3rd) the world celebrates the International Day of the Disabled Persons 2020, with the specific theme this year being ‘Not all Disabilities are Visible’. According to the World Health Organisation’s World Report on Disability, 15% of the world’s population, or more than 1 billion people, are living with disability in the world today. With 15% of the world’s population being disabled, it is sometimes hard to believe that basic accessibility is not common practice or knowledge across the UK. Which is why having a warm sensory pool like Sensory Swim & Health Merseyside CIC is so invaluable to the landscape of Liverpool.

About me

My name is Sophia and I have a cerebral palsy, which is a physical and neurological disability that effects my muscles and coordination. Swimming is so important to me as I feel a huge sense of freedom when I am in the pool. Not only do I relax and enjoy every time I go swimming, but it also allows me to work and improve my overall physical and mental health. When I am in water, I can move, walk and weight bear in a way that is just not possible on land, and therefore the possibilities of how a hydrotherapy pool can benefit me and many other people with disabilities are endless. The more often I can go, the better the long-term benefits are for me and without it, I notice a deterioration in my body quite quickly. Having the hydrotherapy pool is a lot more, than just going to the gym. It helps me physically with cardio, posture and generally feeling better in my body as well as mentally through relaxation and enjoyment.

An invaluable resource for the community

As much as there can be opportunities to access public swimming pools, these tend to be a lot colder than hydrotherapy pools and a lot of the time they are not properly accessible. The benefit of hydrotherapy pools is that the pool is set at a higher temperature, which allows for people with disabilities to relax their muscles and ease their pain in order to allow for exercise as well as enjoy some much need relaxation time in the water. However, Hydrotherapy pools are traditionally connected and only available through specialist appointments via hospitals or attached to specific special schools. As an adult with disabilities, opportunities to access such facilities are few and far between, which is why finding a warm sensory pool on your doorstep is such a brilliant and life-enhancing opportunity. Sensory Swim & Health allows me to cater my experience of the pool to my needs and allows me to bring in my own physiotherapist and PA to ensure I get the best swimming experience. 

Making choices

The best part of this pool is that it can be adapted to whatever the user needs it for. Once you have booked your session in, that time is yours to use the pool for whatever you need. I cannot wait to see how the organisation will continue to grow and develop based on the individual needs of people with disabilities, who will hopefully benefit from this new facility the most. I am looking forward to seeing how this initiative carries on building understanding and access needs for people with disabilities and excited to see how the organisation will bridge the gap to allow people with disabilities to enjoy and thrive through swimming.

Sensory Sessions

For more information on the sensory pool and how to book a private session in the pool, or a sensory swimming sessions please use the links